California, My Favorite City to Visit

California City is located in the high desert of Kern County in the south-west side of Death Valley. The town, which was started in the late 1950s and incorporated in 1965, has been said to have an odd collection of empty streets. But the truth is that California is a dream place for travelers like… Continue reading California, My Favorite City to Visit


Things You Need to Know about Bit. Tube

  Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, It can be mined using a normal CPU One attractive feature of Bit.tube is that it can easily be mined using a normal CPU in a laptop. We all know that it is not feasible to mine other cryptos especially bitcoin using the computer for one reason. The power cost used… Continue reading Things You Need to Know about Bit. Tube

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What you need to know about Block chain technology

Whenever the word block chain is mentioned, a pseudonym comes to the mind, Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi created block chain technology through which he developed the famous cryptocurrency known as bitcoin. This selfless person or group started a fire that no one can extinguish. As of the publishing of this post, hundreds (More than 1600) of… Continue reading What you need to know about Block chain technology


Bit-tube, the ‘You-tube’ of the Future

For many years You-Tube has been the leading platform for both video creators and viewers. In the process, the platform has made many people become millionaires by just sharing videos ranging from highly researched documentaries to short and simple comic videos. The minimum threshold to make cash on the platform has not been favorite especially… Continue reading Bit-tube, the ‘You-tube’ of the Future


Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Drivers

What is sleep deprivation? Sleep deprivation also known to many as insufficient sleep happens when a person does not get enough sleeping hours needed to be alert and rested. Sleep deprivation does not only cause drowsiness but it also causes reduced happiness, drained health as well as financial losses. Who is most likely to be… Continue reading Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Drivers



We all love Google automatic translator. The people behind the program have tried their best to break the barrier created by different languages. But as many of you know, the bots doing the translation work have a long way to go before they can translate one language to another without some common and obvious mishaps.… Continue reading Freelancer



  Top celebrities, politicians, athletes and other famous people have realized the value of keeping their followers and haters informed through blogging. With weekly or monthly posts, these people have not only grown their circle of audience, but have also make money through their sites. Aimee Alicia keys Andy Murray Atlantic Pacific Audra McDonald Bethenny… Continue reading Worlds popular figures that blog



In the US, the issue of voter suppression has been eminent for many years. Before the passing of the 1965s Voting Right Act, most of the states had policies like literacy test, the grandfather clauses, and poll taxes that hindered the African Americans, who were the minority groups from voting.  The law passed by Lyndon… Continue reading VOTER SUPPRESSION AMONG THE MINORITY GROUPS


Goodbye my love

Rachael Hyde


Sadly I was unable to get a blog post out before Rachael passed away on November 11th.

Rachael had been doing well and we’d had a brilliant time since breaking out of The National. A trip to the south coast, lovely meals with friends and family, a very special trip to Claridge’s aka Clarence Fancy House, and a lovely trip out to Gloucestershire to see my parents whilst she had the new bathroom put in that she’d been on at me about getting done for ages…

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