5 Best Phone under 15,000ksh ($150)

5. Nokia 3.4

It hard to choose one phone from the hundred devices posted in popular websites. TechDaudi team has spent hours, calls and money to review the best phones you can buy with less than ksh 15,000.

This is a phone that respects the company brand in keeping it in simple design but with high parts. The phone has a 30fp refresh rate and capable of taking a video of 1080 (full HD). Octa-core CPU and Adreno 610 GPU makes it possible to play most computer games.

Specs Nokia 3.4

Screen-6.39 inches IPS LCD, 720×1560 pixels

Camera; 13MP+5MP+2MP (BACK) and 8MP (FRONT)


Battery- 4000 mAh

Internal Storage- 64 GB


PROCESSOR-Qualcomm SM4250 Snapdragon 460 Octa-core

PRICE -KSh 12,899

2 XIOMI Redmi 9A

With just over ten thousand, the XIOMI Redmi 9A is a great device to be your daily driver. It has one of the largest batteries in a smortphone which will save you the hassle of carrying chargers.

Specs Xiomi Redmi 9A

Camera; 13MP (BACK) and 5MP (FRONT)

Screen-6.53 HD + Drop Display


Battery- 5000 mAh

Internal Storage- 32 GB


PROCESSOR-Helio G25 Octa Core

PRICE -KSh 10,399

3.VIVO Y20

VIVO Y20 is among the recent series in VIVO. The phone has an attractive design that mimics high end phones. If you have never owned a phone with a side finger print scanner, then Vivo Y20 is for you.

Specs VIVO Y20

Camera; 13MP+2MP Bokeh+2MP macro (BACK) and 8MP (FRONT)

Screen-6.51 HD + Drop Display


Battery- 5000 mAh

Internal Storage- 64 GB


PROCESSOR-Qualcomm Snapdragon 460

PRICE -KSh 14,499

4. OPPO A15

Oppo is a unique brand that makes high end phone. Oppo A15 is one their best devices dedicated to customers with tight budget. The design of the 4G phone is very appealing to the eye.


Camera; 13MP+2MP (BACK) and 5MP (FRONT)

Screen-6.52 HD + IPS screen


Battery- 4230 mAh

Internal Storage- 32 GB


PROCESSOR-MediaTek Helio P35 (MT6765)

PRICE -KSh 14,499

5. TECNO Spark 5 Pro

When it comes to specs, a techno device is always ahead of its competiting phone on similar prices. The phone is huge on hand making it suitable to Watch videos and Read documents.

Specs; Techno Spark 5 Pro

Camera; 16MP+2MP+2MP (BACK) and 8MP (FRONT)

Screen-6.6 LCD+ IPS screen


Battery- 5000 mAh

Internal Storage- 64 GB


PROCESSOR- Octa-core, Android 10 HIOS 6.1

PRICE -KSh 13,499


Avoid Publishing Bad Ideas, Be Trendy and Relevant.

Most often people start a youtube channel, a Instagram page or a blogging website expecting to gain traffic in hours or days.

The people doing this are usually very excited and with big ideas of how to grow the business or make money from the traffic that the channel or website will generate.

The fact is that 70 percent of this websites go silent after one or two months on starting the venture. But what causes this trend?

Research shows that most business or individuals fail to conduct proper research regarding the needs of the target audience.

Just because a friend something is trendy does not mean that everyone else thinks so.

the best way to know the trending business ideas, search words, keywords or fashion is by carrying out a survey.

Go ahead and ask your prospective customers what they prefer, what they hate, what they need changes etc.

The good news is that the internet is full of platforms where you can conduct such surveys with a small fee

Crowdsignal is one such site and it is serving millions of customers around the world.

Check crowdsignal using this link and get a free first time package


California, My Favorite City to Visit

California City is located in the high desert of Kern County in the south-west side of Death Valley. The town, which was started in the late 1950s and incorporated in 1965, has been said to have an odd collection of empty streets. But the truth is that California is a dream place for travelers like me. The city is full of natural attractions, fascinating amusement parks, and vibrant cities.

Vibrant Cities
California boosts of two bustling cities, the City of Los Angeles in the south and the city of San Francisco in the northern part. A visit to one or both cities has always proven as the best experience ever to many tourists.

California is a dream come true to many who get a chance to experience the breathtaking sights in the entire state ranging from the extraordinary landmarks to the ocean.
Universal Studios Hollywood
Much of the television shows and movies are made in California and this has made it a popular attractions park to many families. Scheduled sets and rides based on famous films as well as roller coaster rides make the place more fun to visit.
Attractive Beaches
A visit to California is not complete without a stopover to at least one of the major beach spots.
The Glass beach at the north and the Venice Beach located in Los Angeles constitute to over one
thousand miles of beach in the state of California.



The book Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, is full of incredible life lessons that we should apply everyday. I have handpicked and listed 10 of this lessons below.

10. Life is a test, not a battle. The challenges in life are not for survival, just tests designed to see how we cope up and evolve. Learn to accept situations they they are, and make the best out of them.

9. Practice random Acts of kindness: this is the very effective way joy of giving without expecting anything in return. The random acts assures that no one is aware of your doings and this brings greater contentment to you.

8. Be flexible with changes in your plans; inflexibility creates enormous irritations and stress to the other people.. Make a wise decision of appreciating that the happiness of people close to you is more important than your schedules or plans.

7. Train your mind to think of what you have rather than what you want. This does not need further elaboration.

6.Practice ignoring your negative or retrogressive thoughts;  Humans will always have both positive and negative thoughts. unfortunately they have more negative thoughts than positive thoughts, which cannot be overlooked. The salient thing here is what you do with the thoughts. The best strategy according to the author of the book is not analyzing,rather it is ignoring them.  If you give attention to the negative thoughts, they will end up hurting you. Nobody can hurt you without your consent.

Am I inspiring anybody?,,,, it even gets better as we move to my top 5.

5.Argue your limitations, they are yours; Most of the time we defend our limitations. By doing so, you shut the window for improvements.

4.  Put down on a paper 5 most stubborn positions  and try to soften them. Common biased opinions that you should try changing include, men are poor listeners, women spend too much, people from the other religion are bad. Avoid such opinions.

3.  Make fun with criticism directed in your direction, and then watch them watch them go away. usually we end up getting immobilized by  criticism and try to defend ourselves as if we are in a battle hence we waste a lot of energy.   Take the criticism as feedback on areas that you can improve. This creates peace and reduces hard feelings between individuals.

3.  Make a choice of being kind in preference to being right.  Our ego makes it a prestige issue of being right all the time. Kindness and understanding brings peace.

2.  Remind yourself occasionally that life is not an emergency. Most of the time we end up creating emergency when there is none. Learn to relax and have fun.

1. Practice compassion; open your heat to the other person. Dedicate your time, donate money. Give strangers a genuine smile, a beautiful smile or a hello. Mother Teresa once said that we don’t do great things on earth. we do small things with great love.

What do you think about my top 10. If you like them please leave your comments below, share or like. 

balance business cobblestone conceptual
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

How to Safe Your Phone Battery and Extend it’s Life

It is always infuriating when one uses a phone for a few hours then they have to recharge again. A Basic phone battery should last till the end of the day.

Here are a few tips to ensure your battery stays for long.

Charging phone 📱

Start by Charging the phone with the charger recommended by the manufacturer.

Always charge your phone upto 80 percent and not less.

Make sure that the battery percentage is not zero. It’s recommended that you keep it between 40-80 percent.

Close and app after using. Apps left open will run on the background and drain your battery.

Mobile data, making calls, playing videos, playing games, editing content and hotspot use high processing power and battery. Minimize when possible.

Using earphones, reducing brightness and less up time saves your battery percentage.

Do you think we left out any other battery saving tips? Suggest it in the comment section.


A first look at Redmi 9C

Xiaomi is a brand that still amazes me. They make so many products ranging from televisions, headphones, electric scooters, phones among others. But their phones have dominated the market. It is popular in Asia and Africa. Lets look at Xiaomi Redmi 9C.


Back Camera: 13MP +2MP +2MP

The back camera supports Kaleidoscope effects, HDR and a 1080 HD video at 30 fps

Front Camera: 5MP

The selfie camera is capable of taking moderately good images and 1080 videos as 30fps.


CPU; Octa-core 2.3 GHz, 12nm

GPU; PowerVR8320


Type: HD+ Dot Drop

Size: 6.53 inches

Brightness: 400 nits

Resolution: 720 x 1600 pixels


Size: 5000 mAH

Charge: 10W


Other Specs

Supports USB type C

Network 4G

Dual Sim

Fingerprint at the back and

AI face unlock

Weight: 196 g

You can also a review of the Phone on Youtube here

Best SmartPhones Below KSh 5,000 ($50)

Best Smartphones below 50 dollars in Jumia, Amazon, Phoneplace, Masoko, Killmall, Copia.co.ke

Here is a new video compiling the best gadgets that you can buy at a budget. All the phones included are currently available. We have also included the price estimates for your reference. Kindly note that the phones can be bought from major sellers and retailers such as Jumia, Masoko, phoneplace among others.

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Affiliate Programs

There are a million ways to make money online. But affiliate program is at the top of the list. A good number of YouTubers today are making millions. Famous socialites are making millions by subscribing to legit affiliate Programs.

How it Works

Affiliate Programs basically means sharing links of a brand. Once customers uses your link to make a purchase, you get a commission. The commission could be as high as 15 percent or as low as 1 percent.

Whenever you here creater mention that there is a link in the description section, then, that’s is an affiliate link.

For example, check this video by mrwhoistheboss on YouTube https://youtu.be/EaEjIoQnFXo



Check the video for specs and prices in Kenya.

The devices Include

1. Nokia 6.1 Plus

2. Nokia 7 Plus

3. Nokia 9 Pure View

4. Nokia 8.1 (X7)

5. Nokia 6.2

6. Nokia 2.2

7. Nokia 2.3

8. Nokia 7.2

9. Nokia C2

10. Nokia C1


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Best 32″ Tv Deals of the Year

Here is a list of best android smart Tv to buy now.

5. Hifinit 32 Inch Frameless Android Smart HD LED TV

4. Vitron 32″ Inch Smart Android Tv


2. Hisense A632″ Smart  Android TV

1.Samsung 32 Inch Smart Full HD TV

You can also watch the Video format of this list here


Samsung Galaxy A10s Jumia https://www.jumia.co.ke/samsung-galax… PhonePlace https://www.phoneplacekenya.com/ Nokia 2.4 Jumia https://www.jumia.co.ke/nokia-2.4-6.5… Phoneplace https://www.phoneplacekenya.com/ Techno Pop3 Jumia https://www.jumia.co.ke/tecno-pop-3-5… PhonePlace https://www.phoneplacekenya.com/ Xioami Redmi 9A Jumiahttps://www.jumia.co.ke/xiaomi-redmi-… phonePlace https://www.phoneplacekenya.com/ Oppo A15 Jumia https://www.jumia.co.ke/oppo-a15-6.52… Phoneplace https://www.phoneplacekenya.com/ Support the channel on petreon here https://www.patreon.com/TechDAUDI

Your Phone Has Marware

How do you know whether your phone has Marware?

What do Marware do to Smartphone?

If you are reading this in a apple device, I suggest that you find another post to read because you are safe ( mostly).

However, if you bought a cheap phone with amazing features; Or a funny brand name. This so especially to China made phones particularly Techno Mobile and Xiomi.

If at any time you see adverts pop up from a source you don’t recognize, then your phone has Marware.

Marware attacks are designed to trick you to subscribe to service or products even when you are not aware

A phone that has Marware will also tend to use more data without the user knowing.

Battery also drains fast for a phone that has malware.

Malware may also introduce or run malicious programs in your phone that end up collect personal data and sending back to the developers. Such data is then sold to third parties especially in the black market.

The data that is likely to be collected from your device include your email, location, shopping preferences, interests as well as person data.

What Do I Do?

There are are several things you can do to stay on the safe side and avoid phone malware.

You should only download apps from Google play store or apple play store.

If your mobile device is attacked, you should consider resetting it. Avoid clicking on website that are considered “unsafe”.

Be Aware, Your Phone is Selling you .

I don’t think everybody appreciates the amount of data that a smartphone can collect in a single day.

Do you even know what Google, Apple,Amazon, Netflix, Vodacom, Tesla, Toyota, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, eBay, BMW, YouTube, Linkedn, Microsoft, WhatsApp etc know about you?

What kind of Profiles would each companies create about you?

If this companies traded data, what kind of Profiles would they come up with?

Do you think any of these companies sell data?

What about the tens of apps in your phone, where do they do with the data they collect about you?

The purpose of this article is not to give you my opinion or insights.

I want you to give your take about the issue?

Stop Getting Scammed,Make Money On Legit Platforms

2020 is one year that will go down in history due to a rise in online making ventures

The internet has thousands where people can offer services and get paid without leaving their computers.

Research shows that after Covid 19 is under control, a third of the working class will not resume their traditional offices.

This is courtesy of company websites, video conferencing sites like zoom which provides companies with virtual tools to accomplish alot of office activities remotely.

In addition there are also freelancing platforms that enable people to hire experts from any part of the world.

Opportunist have seized up this trend and now you can easily make a million or a zero in one year by workkng from your mobile device or computer.

Making a zero in an year means that you offered your service and got coned. It may also mean you spend more than you earn.

So how can one avoid getting scammed online?

There is no magic answer to this but I will provide you with the best advice, tricks and legit platforms you can sign up for and make money

Content Creating Platforms

Perharps this is the best way for anyone to make money. I know you’re already thinking of YouTube. But there are others including Tiktok, Facebook,Wix, ViuSasa, Vines, vloggers, wordpress, Blogger,among others.

Content creation platforms features videos, books, blogs etc. Check our site to learn how to make money from various content creation platforms.

Freelancing platforms

With everyone looking for ways to minimize human interaction, there is a surge of demand for freelancing services.

Services offered range from video editing, logo creation, ghost blogging, translation, voice over, transcription, online tutoring among others.

Freelancing is providing opportunities to all kinds of people. For instance, if you in college, you can help in tutoring other students through sites like studypool, Up work, Studypool, Writers hub, among others

Sites like up work, Fiverr and people per hour enable any other service that one can offer remotely. You can even get someone to call your ex for you at only 5 bucks. This are legit sites where you will earn real money if you do a good job.

In order to earn money on sites like youtube and Tiktok, you need to provide content in a certain niche and in a manner that people like.

Make sure that you hit more that 1000 followers (Tiktok) or subscribers ( Youtube). You also requires that you reach a minimum of 4000 hours before you can earn from adds.

If the number of subscribers is too much for you, there is a trick you can use you to start earning from your first video.

Affiliate marketing is a venture that you can use to earn money fast. They usually ask for a certain number of unique visitors but that is not hard if you have a good Facebook, Instagram or Twitter base.

You may not qualify for all affiliate program available but try your luck with the following sites.

Amazon, Betika, Jumia, Fiverr, eBay, square space

Telegram is growing exponentially

Countries are blocking or restricting Tiktok due to various issues related to the app arigin and privacy issues.

In some schools and social places you will find that the wifi users are restricted from using YouTube, porn sites, and some social media accounts.

But it is very rare to hear any restrictions on apps like WhatsApp and Telegram

WhatsApp is a good app but it’s limited in it’s capabilities. The limitations include the number of members in a group, limit on site of files etc.

This is where telegram excels. Telegram users can enjoy creating a group with a upto 200 thousand members. You can also send huge files without problems. In addition, you can hide your number if you want to maintain anonymity.

We are now sharing content on telegram. To join us, click the link below


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