Your Phone, Your Life

A day has 24 hours. You spend around 1/3 of it sleeping. The rest is dominated by two things: work and phone.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? I don’t know about you but I start mine by checking the phone screen.

Scores of studies have shown that most people are addicted to their smartphones.

The addiction is mostly attributed to the various applications installed on the device.

This could be the Watsapp Messenger, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, WeChat,among many others.

You may not know why you like looking at your phone every five minutes even when there is no notification.

But app developers know why.

Applications like Twitter are methodically designed to hook you.

For instance, when you open the app, there is a deliberate 2-5 seconds delay before your notifications start ringing. This according to psychologist,has some effects on your brain. Every time you open that app, you will always expect the notifications, and if you don’t, you get disappointed.

So what Can We Do About The Addiction?

If you search the internet, there are so many solutions to phone addiction.

But the best answer is to put the phone away when you are working, eating, reading or conversing.

Reduce the frequency of looking at the device even when you get the urge.

Also consider reading hardcopy materials.

Do doing this, you will find out that you have more time to do more productive things with your life.

It will also be good for your eyes. Thanks me in the comments.


Best Sites to Hire Freelancers

The world was once described as a global village. This statement gained popularity due to the growth of internet since the 90s. But we should also consider that modern forms of transport have made it easy for people to hop from one point of the globe to the next. Due to this people can easily interact, conduct business and spread love easily. But in 2020, the global village was affected by a deadly covid-19 virus which started somewhere in china in December of last year.

The virus has caused people to change their life style. Governments are encouraging people to stay home. The lucky one can work from home. Although working from home is safe, hiring a person to help you is a nightmare. This is especially because the internet is full of scammers. But we got I go you covered. In this blog, I will share some legit sites where you can hire legit freelancers to help you finish that article, create an impressive logo among others.   I have personally used the sites that am recommending. If for any chance you hire a person who doesn’t deliver as per your instruction, full or partial refund is guaranteed.


Fiverr is among the top largest platforms for freelancers. The site was started in the year 2010, and has now grown to have more than 250 categories of services.

The unique thing about fiverr is that you have the freedom to check through all the service providers, ask for a price and choose your freelancer.  You should however do your due diligence to choose a person that is quick to respond and with a good reputation.

To hire of fiverr just click here, http://www.fiverr.com/s2/7540720b3b  (using the link will give you a discount (upto $100) for the initial order.

People Per Hour

PPP is another great site to hire good freelancers.  The site is particularly very popular in the European nations.

Most of the services offered are computer and IT related. But you can also get ghost writers and translators.  The Site rates are a bit higher as compared to Fiverr but quality is also better.

To hire on People per hour click this link and get a discount of upto $35 https://www.peopleperhour.com/site/referralaward?rfrd=2363583.1


MY last but not least recommendation if Upwork. This American based company boosts to be the largest online platform for freelancers. Founded in 2015, upwork is a great place where you can get all sort of services ranging from virtual assistant, transcriptionist to seasoned writers.  

Paying for services on Upwork is very flexible because you can pay in milestones as your project progresses. Due to high number of sellers in the site, it is recommended that you utilize keywords and filters to get what you want.  

To hire on Upwork, use this link to create an account https://www.upwork.com/

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Blockchain will cause a Paradigm Shift

New technologies come to transform the way people do interact and do business. The internet came and transformed human connectivity making the world a global village. Currently, we have blockchain which can store a vast amount of information.  The technology has is also making it possible for people to independently verify data without the need for a third party. These features are seen by the researcher as groundbreaking innovations that will enhance the transfer of value in businesses.

Blockchain has already made waves in the financial sector but professionals are also looking into the application of the same technology in the human resource sector. With blockchain, experts predict that the processes of job recruitment and selection can be highly automated. Not everyone believes that blockchain will cause any paradigm shift due to various reasons. The paper below discusses these matters by bringing together findings from various readings.

Many experts have published numeral articles claiming that blockchain just like the internet is here for the long-term and its impact will cause a paradigm shift. The shift that the researchers predict will occur is in the form of transforming how businesses offer solutions and do things related to data security and privacy. Currently, the biggest concern for people working in the IT sector is data privacy. The rise of cloud-based computing has made the security of business data dire. This trend has made business to consider using blockchain, although some don’t see the potential of the technology. In the following section, this paper highlights instances why blockchain will cause a paradigm shift by focusing on its application in various business practices.

A smart contract is one area that blockchain is likely to transform hospitality and tourism businesses. A smart contract is just like a real-world contract only that they occur through a computer network. With a smart contract, the blockchain enables peers to execute the agreed steps automatically and immediately. Once a transaction has occurred, the information is broadcasted to all parties and the record created is immutable. The application of smart contract is expected to be widely used in the tourism and hospitality industry which often interact with new customers every time. Also, the blockchain creates a digital identity for guests who visit restaurants or related businesses which could prevent cyber identity theft because each quest has a secure digital key.

The Healthcare sector is another key area where blockchain applicability has been proven to be fruitful.  The primary reason for the relevance of blockchain is due to the fact the security of sensitive information is assured. Blockchain provides the platforms for hospitals to transfer and exchange patient data. The patients are also given the ability to share their medical history to get a second opinion from a health expert or other reasons. Blockchain stores the patients’ data in its original nodes and accessing the data occurs after the patient consents. The application of Blockchain in the health sector is already being used in Australia through the Grapevine World .

The publishing, art, and music industries are other sectors of the economy that will be transformed by the blockchain technology. In general, these industries are controlled by a few powerful individuals. The fate of authors is usually at the mercy of literary agents, publishing agents and publishing houses. To be accepted by the companies, the authors are forced to change not only their ideas but also their style and tone. Blockchain is a decentralizing technology that can enable the authors to publish their works and reach the target audience. This will be done without compromising their creativity. Also, newbies in the music and art sector will be able to fairly compete with leading producers and artists. Using cryptocurrencies, audiences will access the materials directly and pay securely to the right content owner.

A combination of blockchain and other innovations is likely to disrupt the nature of the labor market by enhancing transparency in payment. Currently, most companies pay the employee on a monthly or weekly basis. But with blockchain, the employee can by minutes for the value of their work.  Accountability will be enhanced because, through blockchain, firms and third parties can easily see the processes in a supply chain down to the smallest detail. The firm will, therefore, identify practices that bring the most value and eliminate those that cause losses.



Safaricom and Airtel Kenya Will be "Killed" By Google Loon and Telkom is Happy

How many times does a Kenyan buy data bundles to enjoy youtube videos, tiktok clips, browse through Instagram, facebook or linkedin, but only to be disappointed by low network coverage. Well, this is about to change, thanks to a partnership between google loon and telkom Kenya.

Google loon is a subsidiary of Alphabet company. Alphabet is the mother company of google. The company will introduce its antennas in kenyas stratosphere in a bid to boost internet coverage in the nation. To achieve this, the several loons (Ballons) will be hovering in the skys to enable access to internet even to the remotest part of the country.

This is good news to the consumers because now, it will be possible to enjoy 4G internet speed with your Telkom line or Router. According to experts, it is expected that the move will lower the price of internet. Kenyans have been cited complaining how expensive Safaricon bundles are. This is therefore something to celebrate for the consumer but a nightmare to the existing giant mobile provider.

Knowing the sheer capability of Google, it is likely that google -loons could become a monopoly. Monopolies are not always good to the consumer as has been seen in areas like mobile transfer with safaricom Mpesa, electricity connectivity with KPLC. It will be interesting to see how this will play out.



Hello readers, we all want to be successful in life. It is no rocket science that to achieve success all we need to do is follow certain rules that successful people have used in their lives.

A good example we can emulate is Elon Musk. As of the publishing of this work, Elon has achieved milestones that seem as fantasy. Imagine being given the title of Fellowship of the UK Royal Society (FRS), being the CEO of SpaceX, a founder of a Boring Company, co-founder of NEURA-LINK and a board member of Open AI or co-founder of the popular PayPal. And if that is not enough, you make it to the 28th richest man on earth (2020). What other achievement would you ask for. But Elon Musk seems unstoppable for he is known not to give up. So what are his secrets to achieving all this things?

5. Learn to Read to Lead

Elon musk is one person who holds the notion that the easiest way to learn to do a new thing is through read books.  

However, he discourages the act of just reading a book for pleasure. Elon only reads when he wants to learn a new skill, a new method, understand a concept etc. if you think what you learn in college is enough, Elon musk thinks that is just a fraction.

This secret of reading books on regular basis is also used by other successful people in business including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet among others.

4. The secret to Business success is good products/ services not good adverts

There is a Swahili proverb that says KIZURI CHAJIUZA NA KIBAYA CHAJITEMBEZA. When translated, this means that a good products is capable of selling itself on the market.

Musk thinks that’s the secrets to good sales is to make a product that customers will love and then spread the word to others. This secret seem to be true considering the booming sales of the electric cars made by Tesla.

3. You cant Change the World by working 80 hours a Week

There are those who argue that working overtime means that you were unproductive during official hours. Elon Musk does not like that line of thinking. For him, a person needs to dedicate an average of 100 hours in a week to be able to achieve significant goals.

Musk has been known to work from early in the morning to the late hours at night and when there is a lot of work, he sleeps on the company.

2.Plan to fail as you plan to succeed

Musk is not the person who will fill his head with just the hope of good results. According to his ideologies, success goes hand in hand with failure.

Musk was once quoted saying that although he knew Tesla could fail, he needed to try his best because the he felt it was important to make electric cars.

To Musk, if something is important, he will go ahead and do it even if the chances of success seem minimal.

  1. Take big risks when you are still young before it’s too late

There is no better person to talk about risk taking than the man who did what NASA thought was impossible to be done.

Since landing on the moon, NASA started following a downward sloping trend in the quest to explore other planetary beings. However, Elon Musk thought that anything was possible if there was a good plan like reducing the cost of rocket travel.

After getting his share from PAYPAL Musk decided to use the money in an investment that even the government thought was unwise. But several years later, space X and Tesla are a success.

Elon says that at the time of this ventures he was young and therefore had more room to take big risks.

Musk has been quoted saying that “as one gets old, obligations increases due to family and children which means that taking risk at such a time means disrupting very many things and people”.

Thanks for readings today’s article, do you have anything you want to share, please share it on the comment section.


California, My Favorite City to Visit

California City is located in the high desert of Kern County in the south-west side of Death Valley. The town, which was started in the late 1950s and incorporated in 1965, has been said to have an odd collection of empty streets. But the truth is that California is a dream place for travelers like me. The city is full of natural attractions, fascinating amusement parks, and vibrant cities.

Vibrant Cities
California boosts of two bustling cities, the City of Los Angeles in the south and the city of San Francisco in the northern part. A visit to one or both cities has always proven as the best experience ever to many tourists.

California is a dream come true to many who get a chance to experience the breathtaking sights in the entire state ranging from the extraordinary landmarks to the ocean.
Universal Studios Hollywood
Much of the television shows and movies are made in California and this has made it a popular attractions park to many families. Scheduled sets and rides based on famous films as well as roller coaster rides make the place more fun to visit.
Attractive Beaches
A visit to California is not complete without a stopover to at least one of the major beach spots.
The Glass beach at the north and the Venice Beach located in Los Angeles constitute to over one
thousand miles of beach in the state of California.



The book Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, is full of incredible life lessons that we should apply everyday. I have handpicked and listed 10 of this lessons below.

10. Life is a test, not a battle. The challenges in life are not for survival, just tests designed to see how we cope up and evolve. Learn to accept situations they they are, and make the best out of them.

9. Practice random Acts of kindness: this is the very effective way joy of giving without expecting anything in return. The random acts assures that no one is aware of your doings and this brings greater contentment to you.

8. Be flexible with changes in your plans; inflexibility creates enormous irritations and stress to the other people.. Make a wise decision of appreciating that the happiness of people close to you is more important than your schedules or plans.

7. Train your mind to think of what you have rather than what you want. This does not need further elaboration.

6.Practice ignoring your negative or retrogressive thoughts;  Humans will always have both positive and negative thoughts. unfortunately they have more negative thoughts than positive thoughts, which cannot be overlooked. The salient thing here is what you do with the thoughts. The best strategy according to the author of the book is not analyzing,rather it is ignoring them.  If you give attention to the negative thoughts, they will end up hurting you. Nobody can hurt you without your consent.

Am I inspiring anybody?,,,, it even gets better as we move to my top 5.

5.Argue your limitations, they are yours; Most of the time we defend our limitations. By doing so, you shut the window for improvements.

4.  Put down on a paper 5 most stubborn positions  and try to soften them. Common biased opinions that you should try changing include, men are poor listeners, women spend too much, people from the other religion are bad. Avoid such opinions.

3.  Make fun with criticism directed in your direction, and then watch them watch them go away. usually we end up getting immobilized by  criticism and try to defend ourselves as if we are in a battle hence we waste a lot of energy.   Take the criticism as feedback on areas that you can improve. This creates peace and reduces hard feelings between individuals.

3.  Make a choice of being kind in preference to being right.  Our ego makes it a prestige issue of being right all the time. Kindness and understanding brings peace.

2.  Remind yourself occasionally that life is not an emergency. Most of the time we end up creating emergency when there is none. Learn to relax and have fun.

1. Practice compassion; open your heat to the other person. Dedicate your time, donate money. Give strangers a genuine smile, a beautiful smile or a hello. Mother Teresa once said that we don’t do great things on earth. we do small things with great love.

What do you think about my top 10. If you like them please leave your comments below, share or like. 

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Alphabet shares soar on Google Cloud, YouTube expansion — Akahi News

Contact Akahi News on 08038644328>>> The post Alphabet shares soar on Google Cloud, YouTube expansion appeared first on Akahi News. Google and Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai Alphabet shares surged after first-quarter results and upbeat executive comments showed the company’s cloud and YouTube businesses kept growing in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. […] The post…

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