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5. Learn to Read to Lead

Hello readers, we all want to be successful in life. It is no rocket science that to achieve success all we need to do is follow certain rules that successful people have used in their lives. A good example of a person that we can emulate is Elon Musk. As of the publishing of this work, Elon has achieved milestones that many only imagine as fantasy. Imagine being given the title of Fellowship of the UK Royal Society (FRS), being the CEO of SpaceX, a founder of a boring company, co-founder of NEURA-LINK and a board member of Open AI or co-founder of the popular PayPal. And if that is not enough, you make it to the 58th richest man on earth. What other achievement would you ask for. But Elon Musk seems unstoppable for he is known not to give up. So what are his secrets to achieving all this things?

Elon musk is one person who holds the notion that the easiest way to learn to do a new thing is through read books.  

However, he discourages the act of just reading a book for pleasure. Elon only reads when he wants to learn a new skill, a new method etc. if you think what you learn in college is enough, Elon musk thinks that is just a fraction.

This secret of reading books on regular basis is also used by other successful people in business including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet among others.

4. The secret to Business success is good products/ services not good adverts

There is a Swahili proverb that says KIZURI CHAJIUZA NA KIBAYA CHAJITEMBEZA. When translated, this means that a good products is capable of selling itself on the market.

Musk thinks that’s the secrets to good sales is to make a product that customers will love and then spread the word to others. This secret seem to be true considering the booming sales of the electric cars made by Tesla.

3.Working 80 hours a week is not enough to be successful

There are those who argue that working overtime means that you were unproductive during official hours. Elon Musk does not like that line of thinking. For him, a person needs to dedicate an average of 100 hours in a week to be able to achieve significant goals.

Musk has been known to work from early in the morning to the late hours at night and when there is a lot of work, he sleeps on the company.

2.Plan to fail as you plan to succeed

Musk is not the person who will fill his head with just the hope of good results. According to his ideologies, success goes hand in hand with failure.

Musk was once quoted saying that although he knew Tesla could fail, he needed to try his best because the he felt it was important to make electric cars.

This teach us that if you think something is important, go ahead and do it even if the chances of success seem minimal.

  1. Take big risks when you are still young before it’s too late

There is no better person to talk about risk taking than the man who did what NASA thought was impossible to be done.

Since landing on the moon, NASA started following a downward sloping trend in the quest to explore other planetary beings. However, Elon Musk thought that anything was possible if there was a good plan like reducing the cost of rocket travel.

After getting his share from PAYPAL Musk decided to use the money in an investment that even the government thought was unwise. But several years later, space X and Tesla are a success.

Elon says that at the time of this ventures he was young and therefore had more room to take big risks.

Musk has been recorded saying that as one gets old, obligations increases due to family and children which means that taking risk at such a time means disrupting very many things and people.

Thanks for readings today’s article, do you have anything you want to share, please share it on the comment section.


California, My Favorite City to Visit

California City is located in the high desert of Kern County in the south-west side of Death Valley. The town, which was started in the late 1950s and incorporated in 1965, has been said to have an odd collection of empty streets. But the truth is that California is a dream place for travelers like me. The city is full of natural attractions, fascinating amusement parks, and vibrant cities.

Vibrant Cities
California boosts of two bustling cities, the City of Los Angeles in the south and the city of San Francisco in the northern part. A visit to one or both cities has always proven as the best experience ever to many tourists.

California is a dream come true to many who get a chance to experience the breathtaking sights in the entire state ranging from the extraordinary landmarks to the ocean.
Universal Studios Hollywood
Much of the television shows and movies are made in California and this has made it a popular attractions park to many families. Scheduled sets and rides based on famous films as well as roller coaster rides make the place more fun to visit.
Attractive Beaches
A visit to California is not complete without a stopover to at least one of the major beach spots.
The Glass beach at the north and the Venice Beach located in Los Angeles constitute to over one
thousand miles of beach in the state of California.



The book Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, is full of incredible life lessons that we should apply everyday. I have handpicked and listed 10 of this lessons below.

10. Life is a test, not a battle. The challenges in life are not for survival, just tests designed to see how we cope up and evolve. Learn to accept situations they they are, and make the best out of them.

9. Practice random Acts of kindness: this is the very effective way joy of giving without expecting anything in return. The random acts assures that no one is aware of your doings and this brings greater contentment to you.

8. Be flexible with changes in your plans; inflexibility creates enormous irritations and stress to the other people.. Make a wise decision of appreciating that the happiness of people close to you is more important than your schedules or plans.

7. Train your mind to think of what you have rather than what you want. This does not need further elaboration.

6.Practice ignoring your negative or retrogressive thoughts;  Humans will always have both positive and negative thoughts. unfortunately they have more negative thoughts than positive thoughts, which cannot be overlooked. The salient thing here is what you do with the thoughts. The best strategy according to the author of the book is not analyzing,rather it is ignoring them.  If you give attention to the negative thoughts, they will end up hurting you. Nobody can hurt you without your consent.

Am I inspiring anybody?,,,, it even gets better as we move to my top 5.

5.Argue your limitations, they are yours; Most of the time we defend our limitations. By doing so, you shut the window for improvements.

4.  Put down on a paper 5 most stubborn positions  and try to soften them. Common biased opinions that you should try changing include, men are poor listeners, women spend too much, people from the other religion are bad. Avoid such opinions.

3.  Make fun with criticism directed in your direction, and then watch them watch them go away. usually we end up getting immobilized by  criticism and try to defend ourselves as if we are in a battle hence we waste a lot of energy.   Take the criticism as feedback on areas that you can improve. This creates peace and reduces hard feelings between individuals.

3.  Make a choice of being kind in preference to being right.  Our ego makes it a prestige issue of being right all the time. Kindness and understanding brings peace.

2.  Remind yourself occasionally that life is not an emergency. Most of the time we end up creating emergency when there is none. Learn to relax and have fun.

1. Practice compassion; open your heat to the other person. Dedicate your time, donate money. Give strangers a genuine smile, a beautiful smile or a hello. Mother Teresa once said that we don’t do great things on earth. we do small things with great love.

What do you think about my top 10. If you like them please leave your comments below, share or like. 

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Elon Musk Wants to Nuke Mars to Trigger Global Warming — Watts Up With That?

During the times of Jesus, there were many good and Godly things happening. But let the truth be told, humans never change. There must have been a group of people whose main campaign at the time was to spread bad stories about the works of the son of God. People had to chose between believing in the deeds or going by the bad rumors.

We are not into the era of Jesus or Adam, but we are in time where some individuals like Elon musk are doing Great things for the sake of humanity. Going interplanetary is a sure way of letting humans live many more years especially now that our planet earth is under threats from being hit by other planetary objects.

Elon is now targeting to nuke Mars so as to make it more habitable to humans in the next 100 years. Continue reading…