National Avocado Day


I love playing and toying with my search engine and you wont believe what I found out about the Avocado fruit. Well, it doesn’t matter whether you are in America, Europe or Africa, you must have tasted an avocado recently, right?
On Tuesday 31, is marked on the National Day calendar as a time enjoy and celebrate this delicious fruit. And Americans love this fruit, I can bet on that. The uses of Avocado are broad but we can categorize them as: internal the body and external body uses.

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Consider the ASHA: A Qualitative Analysis of Accredited Social Health Activists’ Experiences in Udaipur, India

Yale Global Health Review


Source: Partha Sarathi Sahana.

Khushi Baby is a wearable mHealth platform tracking maternal and child health to the last mile. Its mission is to reduce infant and maternal mortality due to vaccine-preventable disease. As explained in the Khushi Baby 2016 Annual Report, the Khushi Baby system comprises of a culturally tailored NFC necklace, which digitally stores immunization and health records for pregnant mothers and children. The necklace interfaces with a mobile app to update records, and serves as a social symbol of health that can be used to recruit more mothers to immunization camps and antenatal check-ups. The data is synced to a dashboard for health officials to manage care delivery resources. Also, the necklace serves as a social symbol of health that can be used to recruit more mothers to immunization camps and antenatal check-ups. The dashboard sends dialect-specific voice reminders to the family’s cell phone…

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Buying Cryptocurrency

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

it must have been heartbreaking for the users or the prospective users of cryptocurrecy after the recent news about banks closing all transactions associated with cryptocurrency. the million dollar question now is, “where else can i buy crypto?” continue reading.(missing link…


cryptocurrency is legal or illegal?

Delhi’s Air Pollution and Its Effects on Children’s Health

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Yale Global Health Review


Children stand by the side of the street on their way to school. Source: Thomas Schoch.

Which of our world’s cities has the worst air pollution? According to the World Health Organization, it’s Delhi, the capital of India.1 Although air pollution affects the entire population of this metropolis, Delhi’s children are the most defenseless against its toxic effects. Recent studies have confirmed serious deterioration of air quality in Delhi, as well as other major cities across India. Air pollutants such as sulfates, nitrates, and black carbon force their way into the developing lungs and cardiovascular systems of children, resulting in decreased quality of life and increased mortality rates.1 Air quality has deteriorated to such an extent that one of India’s top pollution researchers, Sarath Guttinkinda, has stated, “If you have the option to live elsewhere, you should not raise children in Delhi.”2 He has…

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Working It Out With The Main Brain (controlling the fat)




If my brain gets that I’m unpredictable in my food consumption choices within the category of animal-free, then that’s what it will expect as being okay with me.

I’ll stay in the unpredictable category and my brain will rest easy with that, since there’s a lot going on there to focus on without needless worry about getting stuck in one place.


General category I = animal-free

General category II = unpredictable

Sub categories = all over the animal-free board

Sharon’s board.

Yeah, she gets bored easy.

No she doesn’t. She likes moving around.

Most like staying in one place till the universe makes them move.

She moves the universe.


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Why Emily Contois Is Still Blogging After Six Years

Continue the good work Emily


A blogging anniversary is typically a happy event: an opportunity to celebrate all the things you’ve shared with the world in the previous year, the connections you’ve made with your far-flung readers, and the new skills and knowledge you’ve gained. For food scholar Emily Contois, the sixth blogiversary was a bittersweet one.

As she recounts in a recent post, blogging has been instrumental to her work as an emerging academic.

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Blogging builds an audience of readers, collaborators, friends and fans, mentors and mentees. Blogging also builds bridges. Blogging helps my writing, especially if and when I feel stuck. It has opened doors I didn’t even know to knock. And it’s been fun, year after year.

Earlier this summer, an article Emily published in a media studies…

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